sitting on the fence of innocence, arrogance or adolescence.

Enslaved to tyranny,

unacknowledged austerity.

The establishment blues are evident to see,

along with another generation’s anxiety.


Manipulated by innumerable strings,

the marionette’s broadcast now begins.

Propaganda beckoning from the BBC,

brainwashed conveniently, from your contaminated t.v.


We’ll preach them lies, in charming disguise,

deception for their working-class minds.

our morals are wrong, but they must belong…

in our totalitarian control, that devours the soul


They specialise, deceptively, in mind reform.

The Orwellian state of ‘eighty-four.

Narrow-minded hypocrites, with more than one face,

let’s be a fugitive to this political disgrace.


Forgive yourself, not in naïve regret,

life’s enlightenment, lest we forget.

The soul recovers radical innocence, rigorous arrogance and juvenile adolescence.


are you sitting on the fence?

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