Fishy fear mongering

When it comes to the media we all know to take it with a pinch of salt right? But it seems this idea has been lost when the media has pumped our brains full of negative and frankly incorrect facts about sharks. ‘Jaws’ and a string of sub-standard shark films have all catalysed a barbaric... Continue Reading →

My body, the dying mare

Won’t feed, just blows hot breath over straw every hour twisting out rachitic sounds, then stamps and pitches. Coddled and cosseted, tempted with oats soaked and malted. She sweats, fever dappled where the flanks are twitching, and beneath her drooping forelock the milky eyes, abstracted and dim. -Bronwyn Carter

Cuteness comes at a cost..

With a quarter of dogs owned in the UK now being classed as ‘Brachycephalic’ (short-faced), vets around the UK are more than ever, being faced by a rising problem – helping dogs to breath. I have been a qualified veterinary surgeon for just over 7 months and have already been bombarded with the problems these... Continue Reading →

eating out.

You're tucking into a delectable, juicy,  mouthwatering crispy chicken burger with extra bacon on top. Just the right amount of sauce and perfectly cooked fries to munch on in between bites; you feel a warm glow ignite within your stomach, instantly becoming relaxed, molding into the shape of your chair. Now feeling extremely proud of... Continue Reading →

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