Brea Robertson

‘Hillcrest to Here’ is my second EP, released in April 2018. The title was inspired by the name of my Grandparents farm ‘Hillcrest’…a property they bought in Australia, Victoria, when they were married more than 60 years ago. Together, they developed a large, empty block of land into a thriving sheep, crop and cattle farm,... Continue Reading →


Australian-born, Berlin-based GG (Georgia Ginnivan) has released her latest single Luxury on all online platforms. Luxury is a self-released collaboration with co-writer and co-producer CROOK. This single comes a year after the release and tour of her debut EP, Show Me (2017). Luxury is an anthem to 2017. It is a shimmering, expansive pop song... Continue Reading →

“Leave me alone” – Coldplay

I don't hate Coldplay. I don't love them. However if I did hate them, with a, let's say, white hot and overpowering vehemence, I would be duty bound by to concede and surrender to anyone who thought otherwise. Because when it comes to music; there are no right or wrong answers. I propose that one's love for Beethoven and... Continue Reading →

Alright Gandhi

 Alright Gandhi formed in Berlin 2014. Rosa Mercedes (UK), Pietro Fornara (IT) and later Dominick Gray (US) met in the city characterised by its love of experimentation and recklessness. Kalle Enkelmann (DE) recorded their first EP Widening Circles (2015), and a year later the full-length album Little Traveller (2016) infused with pop, polyrhythm and storytelling.... Continue Reading →

Last days of elvis

  A meticulously detailed blend of post-punk, dreamy indie guitar rock and brooding electronica, Last Days of Elvis confronts the listener with soaring harmonies over understated yet infectiously catchy instrumentation. Originally formed in Glasgow, Scotland by Andrew Stark and Seán Gallen who bonded over their love of artists such as Arthur Russell and Nick Cave,... Continue Reading →

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