Donations for the magazine

Hello lovely peoples, I’m Eve, the creator of earthlings magazine. Let’s get straight to the point… I earn minimum wage and spend most of my spare time running, maintaining and paying for the magazine, as well as organising a free mental health support group for women. I didn’t set out to make money from doing either, inspiring others creativity and making others happy was all I was hoping for. So instead of working more hours in my job fulfilling another person’s dream, I want to be able to put more time into earthlings and the mental health support group I run, which both make positive impacts on peoples brains. At the moment I can't afford to renew the domain and plan costs for the website which is around 100 euros, so if you could spare as little as 3 euros to support the magazine it would be greatly appreciated, as every little really does help! If you don't have a paypal please follow the link below to thw gofundme page xxxxx


Donate via the gofundme page here